Gentle Shepherd Baptist Church
Pastor Gary Fuller and Lynn
Pastor Gary Fuller was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, but accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in Colorado at the age of 15.

He says he "grew up in Nebraska and Grew out in Colorado". Having traveled the world in evangelism, he welcomed the opportunity to settle down in his home town of Lincoln to see his family and those he grew up with come to Christ.

In Lincoln, he met and married his beautiful wife Lynn and they started two families theirs (Josh-32, Jeremiah-21, and Marin-16) and Gentle Shepherd Baptist Church.

He has now served the Lord in full time ministry for 40 years. He loves to hunt, fish, make music, work on the computer, kayak, blog and watch the Huskers and Broncos.

He is a National Director of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, is on the APEX Church Planting Committee, and is the chairman of the Nebraska Baptist Bible Fellowship.  

Pastor Gary also serves as a member of the Lincoln Police and Fire Departments Chaplaincy Corps. He serves on the board of directors and is the Senior Chaplain for the Corps.

In June of 2012, Pastor Fuller was honored with a Doctor in Divinity degree from the Bible Baptist College of Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

Gary was honored as the 2011 Lincoln Police Department's volunteer of the year for his work on the chaplaincy corps. 

You will find Pastor Fuller to be very friendly, engaging and down to earth. His preaching is soulful and practical.   
   Lynn Ann (Cozad) Fuller may just be the busiest woman in the world. She is on a dead run from the time she wakes until she pillows her head. 
   In addition to being a fantastic preacher's wife and a devoted mother of 2 children, she teaches a Sunday school class, is the piano player, a soloist, sings in the praise team and is an accomplished violinist.
   After teaching for 14 years, and having been the school improvement manager for a Lincoln elementary school as well as an instructional coach, she is now the principal for Roper Elementary School, the largest public elementary school in the state. 
   She earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska in elementary education and special education and her Master's from the University of Florida in the use of technology in the classroom. She received her Doctor of Education degree from the University of Nebraska and has her administrator's certificate.
   She has become a teacher's teacher as she lectures at teacher's conferences. Most of all, she sees her secular job as a great ministry as several of her students, parents and teaching peers have found their way into church.  
   Lynn enjoys serving the Lord in several capacities, gardening, cooking, blogging and travel. In her "spare time" you may just find Lynn at one of the local waterways on her kayak. 
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